Our partners are recognized as a world leaders in supplying equipment for profitable recycling. We are proud to offer customers equipment developed based on 60 years’ and 25 yrs experienced companies from Europe. ,

We offer you equipment and recycling solutions for processing of e.g. tyres, cable, electronics (WEEE), MSW , PLASTIC ,CARS , PAPER , WOOD , OTHERS .

Our Achievements

We with Top European Recycling companies Established India 1st recycling plant.

The customer got links with , nationwide chain of filling stations where drivers can bring their tyres for recycling.

Thanks to the recycling plant, the customer can process approx. 5000 kg of old tyres each hour, doubling its current capacity. Because there are considerable quantities of old tyres in India, the need for recycling is extremely high.

Rather than store the tyres in enormous landfills, they will now be processed into rubber granules instead. These granules can be used, for example, to surface sports fields and playgrounds, for soundproofing insulation or for hoses that water plants underground, directly at their roots.

we are continuing to expand its activities in the areas of recycling and Green technology, .

Among other things, our teams offer plants and system lines for the recycling of old tyres, scrap wire, and aluminium and magnesium scrap, as well as cooling units and electronic scrap.