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Recycling plants for Municipal Solid Waste

The aim of the Municipal Solid Waste treatment is to separate and recover the quality recyclable materials and the energetic valorisation of the dry not recyclable fraction RDF. The MSW treatment process with Forrec’s machineries has a double option of recovery:

  • Automatic or manual sorting
  • RDF (Residual Derived Fuel) production, to use the scrap as alternative combustible

Machineries and plants for Municipal Solid Waste treatment

Bags-opener LS and Primary Shredder – Multicrusher FR are both involved in the treatment of MSW. Thanks to its special cutting system and shafts, Bags-opener LS is able to:

  • treat heterogeneous waste without shredding or cutting it before the sorting, providing a simple selection of the material;
  • process high quantities of material (no sieve is installed)
  • open bags of waste to prepare the material for manual or automatic sorting.

Primary Shredder – Multi-crusher FR is perfect in case of bulky waste or big quantities of material, in particular:

  • it works without sieve even with big quantities of material;
  • it is designed with counter-blades on both sides of the blade to guarantee the same wear and to double the life-time of the blades
  • it is provided with removable cutting table
  • it is designed with hydraulic transmission with slow direct shaft motor, variable displacement pumps with constant power control

MSW Treatment: different sorting options

There are different kinds of sorting: manual, automatic or semi-automatic, in particular:

  • manual sorting: the manual selection is made of a sorting platform where the operators collect the different kind of materials;
  • semi-automatic sorting: it is a mix of manual sorting and automatic sorting (magnets, eddy current separators);
  • automatic sorting: fully automated line which uses specific machines (e.g.: optical sorters, ECS, magnets).

From MSW to RDF: the production of Residual Derived Fuel

After the separation of the un-shreddable parts (e.g. hard metal parts, rocks), the unsorted material is grinded for the production of RDF. The high working standard of Forrec’s plants guarantees the maximum throughput in the treatment of MSW for the production of Residual Derived Fuel. The single shaft shredder, in particular, is provided with a fully welded coated rotor and cutting plates with special alignment. Output dimensions are defined according to customer requests and material composition. In the end of MSW treatment the RDF is sent to the incinerator for the combustion and the production of energy.